Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Want to Work For Goldman Sachs

"After Goldman Sachs [GS] raised its year-end price forecast by $13, to $85 a barrel, Jeffrey Currie [JC], global head of commodities research in London, spoke to Fortune's Eugenia Levenson [EL] about where oil is headed", Fortune, 15 October.

JC offered various explanations for the "recent surge in crude oil prices". Interestingly, JC did not mention the dollar's fall on the foreign exchange markets. EL did not mention it in her article. How much does JC know? Hey, Hank baby (Paulson), do GS a favor, call your old GS buddies and tell them I'll replace JC, on a part-time basis. I can't know less. I'll make GS an offer it shouldn't refuse, one million pounds a year ($2,050,000) to work a day a week. Why not? I even have a top school MBA. How can anyone take these guys seriously?

Addendum: "OPEC ministers have complained in recent weeks that the latest price surge has little to do with fundamentals such as supply and demand. They argue that the price increase is driven more by ... the falling U.S. dollar", WSJ, 26 October. I wonder if anyone at GS reads the WSJ.

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