Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spengler Strikes Again

"A year later than I expected, the drumroll has begun towards a Western attack on Iran's nuclear capability. Despite the best efforts of Western diplomacy, the 'moderate' option in Iranian politics expired last week with President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's triumphal consolidation of power. ... Iran has only two options: a sickening slide into economic decay and internal weakness as its oil-exporting capacity attenuates, or a regional adventure against the Sunni oligarchs of the Gulf oil-producing states. ... There are no good outcomes, only less terrible ones. ... Deals with the devil simply do not work, even in the ethically challenged world of foreign policy. The devil will act according to his nature, whatever bargain one attempts to make with him. ... The West has no choice but to attack Iran, because Iran believes it has no choice but to develop nuclear weapons", Spengler, in, 29 October.

I said we should unilaterally destroy Iran's nuclear capablities three years ago. Instead Bush wastes our: time, money and blood in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mohamed El-Baredi , head UN weapons inspector claims Iran is not trying to build nuclear weapons. Who is he kidding? Why does Iran have 3,000 working centrifuges? What is Iran doing with them? Why anyone should listen to El-Baredi's takiwa is beyond me.

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