Friday, October 19, 2007

Turkey and the Turkeys

"The sorry sight of an American president begging Congress not to affirm what the whole civilized world knows to be true underlines the overall stupidity of US policy towards the Middle East. It is particularly despicable for a Western nation to avert its eyes from a Muslim genocide against a Christian population. ... I am shocked, shocked to learn that the Democratic Party is engaged in politics. Col. Peters, though misses the big picture. With or without the Armenian resolution, conflict had to erupt with Turkey. ... America is not responsible for chaos in the Middle East. The Middle East has known nothing but chaos for most of its history. ... Washington should forget about Turkish support in Iraq. ... In the case of Iraq, the danger associated with partition stems from Iran's influence among Iraqi Shiites. ... All of this is hypothetical of course; the little men behind the desks in Washington do not have the stomach for it [war against Iran]", Spengler at, 18 October.

The magnitude of the Bush Administration's incompetence in handling the Middle East is breathtaking. Recep Erdogan, Turkey's Prime Minister wrote in the WSJ, 19 October, "Efforts to rewite the history of the events of 1915 through legislative fiat and vilify Turks are not new to the U.S. Congress. ... Turkey and the U.S.['s] alliance is based on common values. ... We value this partnership greatly but under current circumstances, the task of defending its importance is becoming increasingly hard". Nonsense, our alliance was based on mutual fear of the USSR. David Sayian wrote in the WSJ, 12 October, "I was taught a long time ago to do the right thing and speak the truth; if this offends one's 'friends,' then they probably aren't friends anyway". Indeed. The evidence that Turkey's current regime is Islamist grows daily.

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