Saturday, November 3, 2007

More on MLEC

Eric Dash wrote about the proposed Citibank bailout in the NYT, 1 November. There is an excellent post about it at It's all covered there. Two points to Yves Smith.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your website.

I have been reading it for a while now. I enjoy it for its boldness, succinctness, and - for what I too believe - dead-on bullseye accuracy. Your listed other websites are good recommendations.

Steve B
St. Louis, Missouri

Independent Accountant said...

Thank you. I've lived longer than my 56 years indicate. I became a cynic in April 1963. What happened? John Kennedy, genius, POTUS and Harvard grad gave a speech about removing our Jupiter missiles from Turkey. It was incomprehensible. I concluded either: JFK was full of crap or I, a mere 12-year old was stupid. Eureka! JFK was full of crap. There was no Cuban missile crisis. It was a stunt Khruschev and JFK concocted to get the Decomcrats more support for the 1962 election. In 1988, 25 years after the event, historians began reexamining it and coming to my conclusion at the time. The President said. So? The Fed Head said. So? The Secretary of State, Treasury, whatever said. So? Who cares what they say? Watch only what they do.