Saturday, November 10, 2007

The UN at Work

"So Mohammed El-Baredi finds it 'distressing' that neither Israel nor the U.S. shared information with him about an apparent Syrian nuclear program before Israeli jets destroyed it on September 6. Imagine that: Not everyone is prepared to entrust the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency with their national security. ... Yet this is the same agency that was taken surprise by nuclear projects in Libya, North Korea and Iraq in the 1980s. And now Syria, which in September was voted co-chair of the IAEA's General Confrence. ... Not surprisngly, the Syrians are hailing the IAEA chief for saying neither Israel nor the U.S. had provided 'any evidence' to suggest Damascus was in the nuclear business", WSJ, 7 November.

Who cares what the UN thinks? US out of the UN, UN out of the US! I've said this since 1960 when I went on a class trip to the UN. UN, bah humbug! See my 31 October post mentioning El-Baredi.

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