Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prosecutors Out of Control

"The actions of former [DA] Mike Nifong in the Duke University Lacrosse case have put the problem of prosecutorial abuse front and center for all Americans. ... We now know that Nifong willfully disregarded evidence of the boys' innocence and thanks in large part to enormous public attention and condemnation, he has been rightly stripped of his badge and the keys to his office. ... Regardless of the merit if the case is sexy enough, the media pay attention. The same cannot be said for less popular cases. As a result we are moving toward a system where Constitutional rights of the accused are guaranteed only to those deemed by television editors to be ready for prime-time", Nathan Tabor (NT) at, 29 November.

I used NT's title for this post. Amen. This is our current system, not one "we are moving toward".

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