Saturday, December 1, 2007

What is a State?

"The state is an association for the preservation of society. ... The need for defense is always there. If the state should fail to defend society or if it should become the instrument of unnatural tendencies in the body politic, society will suffer accordingly. ... Grand strategy ... is at the core of the state's function and derives from the special perspective of national defense against foreign enemies. A state either lives or dies by the decisions it makes with regard to armament, war readiness, and strategy. ... We have forgotten the primacy of national survival. We use the state to satisfy our wants when our wants are the responsibility of the individual. The state is used for every purpose, it seems, while national defense and the military are decried as instruments of imperialism", J.R. Nyquist at, 30 November.

Bravo. Our current crop of politicians, generals and admirals are idiots at best. Traitors at worst. See my prior posts at Military Affairs.

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