Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bankrupt California

"Here on the Left Coast, we have seen the Mexifornia future and it doesn't work. An economy built on the 'cheap' labor of millions of illegal aliens who are kept afloat by billions of tax dollars in welfare is not a viable system. California's deepening budget hole from bezerk spending simply cannot be papered over any longer. The massive costs of supporting a massive unskilled foreign population now threatens basic services. ... Apparently the Democratic legislature hopes the public's response will be 'Tax me, please!' .... You may remember Governor Arnold Schwartznegger got into office because of the similar financial mismangement of his predecessor, Gray Davis, who was removed via a celebrated recall election. ... As recently as early January, the Governor was said to be considering ... universal health care for citizens and illegal aliens. ... But free medical care for foreigners would be the mother of all illegal alien magnets. After a year or so after implementation, there would not be a single sick child left in Mexico, and to a lesser extent beyond. ... 'Twenty five percent of all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to children of illegal aliens'," Brenda Walker at, 17 January 2008.

People respond to incentives. California wants to import illegal aliens, so has about 4-5 million of them. Does anyone still buy California municipal bonds? You cruel, heartless malefactor of great wealth, you oppressor of the people. "Stealing" illegal alien children's healthcare. How could you?


California Diaspora said...

Skeptical.. hi.. good post,
it's embarassing and tragic what has happened to California.. I moved my family out of Los Angeles & to the East Coast recently, Southern California has been destroyed by Central American immigrants.. our old neighborhood is covered in graffiti, Mexican flags fly everywhere, and the school on our street was wrapped up in barbed-wire to keep the cholos out after hours.
The sickest part is that our hard-earned tax dollars which should be protecting us from this sh*t.. are being funneled into public services for the same folks who are destroying our society, and living here in contempt of our laws. We're financing our own destruction because California (and America at-large) is paralyzed by political-correctness and wont stop this.. take care.

Independent Accountant said...

I posted this a year ago. I have more recent comments about California. In late 2006 I sold my condo in zip code 90068 and left Mexifornia behind. Which zip code did you live in, if you'll tell me? There are parts of Los Angeles not more than seven miles from downtown, where not even 5% of the residents speak English. Really. As it is said, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad".