Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Islamic Expertise?

"Maj. Stephen Coughlin ... aroused the ire of Mr. [Hesham] Islam and others in September by authoring an analysis of a Muslim Brotherhood document entered into evidence in the Justice Department's case against the Holy Land Foundation. ... Coughlin also took issue with the effort underway by intelligence community analysts to declare al Qaeda terrorists and insurgents in Iraq as 'false Muslims,' whose version of jihad conflicted with 'true' Islamic teachings. ... As he pointed out in his 333-page thesis, 'To Our Great Detriment: Ignoring what Extremists say about Jihad,' President Bush's statements downplaying the role of Islam in the terrorist attacks on America have 'exerted a chilling effect on those tasked to define the enemy's doctrine by effectively placing a policy bar' on examining the role of jihadist teachings. ... Pentagon higher-ups have planted stories that Coughlin was fired because he had unathorized contacts with reporters, a charge that [Bill] Gertz denied. ... 'Now our enemies have said publicly on film, on the Internet, their goal is to destroy our way of life. No equivocation on their part. ... They are saying their goal is to rid the Middle East of foreigners. Then overthrow all governments that are not friendly to them, which mean every single one of those governments,' [Peter] Pace said. 'The termination of Stephen Coughlin on the Joint Staff is an act of intellectual cowardice,' Lt. Col. Joseph C. Myers, Army adviser to the Air Command and Staff College, wrote on Jan 5 public letter of support", Kenneth Timmerman (KT) at http://www.newsmax.com/, 20 January 2008.

What is "The extent of Islamist penetration of the U.S. government"? Is a question Frank Gaffney (FG) asks on 22 January 2008 at http://www.washingtontimes.com/.

Our intelligence community and generals are a joke. They can't know less about the history of Islam than I do. Or can they? Are they fools, knaves or cowards. Islam is not a "religion of peace" no matter what President Bush says.

FG's question is well asked.


Anonymous said...

Islam is not monolithic,however anyone who expects someone who was raised raised in a muslim culture to think or react like a westerner is nuts.And Zealots of any stripe are the enemies of civilization.

Anonymous said...
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Independent Accountant said...

What's your point?