Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trust Uncle Sam?!

"The people who are a deadweight loss to the economy are getting higher wages, so they can increase their spending and increase the prices of goods and services for everybody! Hahaha! Idiots! ... In fact, Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter says: 'Since 2003, the average price adjusted wage in the [US] has fallen by 4% to 5%, depending upon men or women. If one properly adjusts for inflation, the fall is more like 25% in real wage decay!!!' ... '[T]he Supreme Court [SC] in (as I recall) 1934 said that money did NOT have to be gold and silver, as literally required by the constitution, and that [SC] infamously said that the damnable FDR and his federal government could impose a paper, intrinsically worthless, fiat money on the country, despite what the consitution says! And every damned, stinking [SC] since then has refused to overturn that despicable, traitorious action, including the despicable traitorous trash that is currently sitting on the [SC]. ... The beauty of a gold-as-money economic system is that inflation in prices is all but impossible under a gold standard. ... [H]ere comes this John Roberts lowlife in the news, crying out piteously to Congress to please, please, please raise the salaries of federal judges, not mentioning that these other federal judges are also complicit in this unconstitutional fiat currency scam", The Mogambu Guru (TMG) at, 7 January 2008.

I agree with TMG and note the SC decided the "gold clause" cases in 1935. Consider, US prices were about the same in 1913 as in 1792 and are by my estimate, 36X what they were in 1913! The Fed was founded in 1913. Coincidence? I don't think so. See also my 18 November 2007 post. Buy TIPS? Hahaha! Buy long-term bonds? Hahaha! Put money in a Roth IRA? Hahaha!

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