Friday, February 29, 2008

(In)Justice Department at Work

"Judge Lee Rosenthal ... has yet to address their major argument, that she should throw out the plea deal because the fine is too paltry for a disaster that killed 15 people and injured many more. ... The ruling this week was on the victims' assertion that Rosenthal should reject the plea deal because federal prosecutors shut them out of plea negotiations in violation of the 2004 Crime Victims Rights Act. ... Rosenthal said in her ruling that prosecutors didn't violate the victims' rights law by seeking [Judge Nancy] Atlas' permission to delay notice to victims until after plea talks had concluded", Houston Chronicle, 23 February 2008.

This BP case stinks. It gets worse daily. Do Judges Atlas and Rosenthal think they are "golden boy" John Roberts of the Supremes? My heart bleeds for Atlas concern with BP's "right to a fair trial" being compromised. It seems to me, the fix was in, what trial?

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