Thursday, March 13, 2008

Understanding Kosovo?

"As Americans look quizzically at their TV sets while non-Muslim protestors in Europe torch a U.S. embassy, they should know that yesterday's 200,000-person protest in Belgrade ... is the first time in two decades that Serbs are showing a glimmer of rational behavior--amid 20 years of the 'free world' foisting terrorist neighbors upon them. To put this in perspective, with advance apologies to any offended ethnic groups: How would Americans react if Latino gangs started ambushing police and killing government officials in California, and after a few years, the U.S. sent in the troops because the gangs were outgunning the police force; following this, the gangsters started claiming atrocities--and so Russia and China bombed California and Washington in response to the 'atrocities'; the foreign powers then occupied California for eight years while the gangs killed or expelled most of the non-Latinos in 'revenge attacks,' then backed a declaration of independence for California as a Mexican-majority state that may just unify with Mexico? ... We are now several years post 9/11, yet our government is creating Muslim states in Europe and is about to engage the [US] military against European Orthodox Christians who don't want to live under Muslim rule. When did it become the free world's business to spread Sharia law, as is always the upshot of any Islamicizing region?", Julia Goren (JG) at, 22 February 2008.

"If Washington wanted to develop a vibrant underworld of vicious criminal gangs, it couldn't do any better than the immigration system now in place. ... A recent heart-breaking example: the slaughter on March 2 of 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw. The South Los Angeles high school student was shot dead just a few doors from home by two Latino men who jumped from a car and demanded to know to which gang he belonged. ... Jamiel had no gang connections. He was apparently just another victim of Hispanic gangsters killing blacks to drive them out of their corner of Aztlan. ... The City of the Angels recently experienced a daytime gang battle that brought out the police SWAT team and closed down dozens of blocks for six hours. ... Los Angeles used to be a wonderful American city. Now it has become Mexican (in the words of former mayor Hahn), LA is a preview of the future America. ... [LA] is Ground Zero for gangs in the country. The County is home to an many as 1,200 gangs with 80,000 members. ... No citizen should have to stay indoors to be safe from rampaging foreigners. Living with a reasonable expectation of protection against crime is part of inhabiting a first-world country. ... Hispanic gangsters ... are ethnically cleasing black citizens out of parts of LA now, but indications are more of the same for the rest of us--first through the Southwest, next America as a whole", Brenda Walker at, 10 March 2008.

Right on, JG. Our Balkans policy is crazy. Your example explains what is really going on.

Who says we don't have ethnic cleasing in the US? Right now! Who says our immigration policies are leading to the Balkanization of the US and its eventual breakup?


Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,

As I have no intention of offending you, I will write some comments about your blog on Kosovo.
First, as many outsiders of the Kosovo-Serbia problem, you show limited understanding of the nature of the issue.
The parallel you give between the Nato bombing and other things that happen, to a US scenario is far fetched, and outrageous.
The burning of the embassies in Belgrade, as a matter of fact, does not reflect the collective will of the Serbian people. The event has been staged by ultra-nationalists, as means to destabilise the state and further isolate Serbia from the EU, opening a way for Russia, who has supporters from organisers of embassy burning, to further gain control of Serbia.
Thus, the burning is not some justufued means of expression, but an act from a group of criminals who have interested in keeping Serbia isolated and organised criminal working, on benefits of few.
As for US policy in Balkans, for the last 15 years, it has been the US as a factor of stabilisation in crucial moments, both in Bosnia and Kosovo, including Serbia. It has been Europe who has been undecicive in crucial moment, until the decision of US to step in.
So please, read some more material on modern Balkan history before you write any more analysis of Balkan problems. Otherwise, you will only remain a unserious blogger on these issues.
I wonder why I even wrote a comment.

Independent Accountant said...

You are entitled to your opinion. I don't share it. Nor do a lot of other people in the blogosphere. I opposed Clinton's intervention in Serbia as not in the US's national interest. I still believe it wasn't. The only thing it did was antagonize Russia. In my opinion.
Offend away. Even better, refer me to some sources which might get me to change my mind.