Friday, April 18, 2008

The Supreme's Win One!

"Chief Justice Roberts, writing for the 6-3 majority, ruled that the [International Court of Justice] finding was not binding because the Vienna Convention is an understanding between governments, a diplomatic compact. It was never intended to automatically create new individual rights enforceable domestically by international bodies. Texas's violation was of diplomatic protocols, and calls for a diplomatic reponse. ... Medillin v Texas also swatted away a claim of Presidential power. While the Bush administration did not agree with Mexico's choice of venue, or the intrusion on U.S. sovereignity, it attempted to allay the diplomatic ruckus by directing states to comply with the ICJ ruling in a 2005 executive order ", editorial at the WSJ, 26 March 2008.

The Bush administration's pandering to Mexico amazes me. Would it intervene for an American held in a Mexican prison? Bush favored the death penalty as Texas governor, yet now wants to deny it to Texas when applied to Mexican nationals. Amazing.

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