Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Federal agents raided the Office of Special Counsel, a government agency involved in several high-profile and politically sensitive investigations. The agents seized computer files and documents from its chief, Scott Bloch, and his staff. ... The [DOJ] joined the case as the inquiry was widened last year to include possible obstruction of justice, which is a criminal offense. ... The [DOJ] had no comment about Tuesday's raid. A Special Counsel spokesman said, 'we are cooperating with law enforcement.' ... In the Tuesday raid, 20 agents from the [FBI] and an inspector general's office served grand jury subpoenas on Mr. Bloch and searched his office and home. ... Among the office's recent inquiries was whether former White House political director Karl Rove and others improperly used U.S. agencies to help elect Republicans. ... Bloch's investigative role made him a target for both political parties. He was sharply criticized in Congress, even by Republican members", my emphasis, WSJ, 7 May 2008.

Bloch must be the stupidest man in Washington. Doesn't he know it is impossible for "Karl Rove and others [to have] improperly used U.S. agencies to help elect Republicans". It would only have been possible for Rove to have improperly used these agencies to help elect Democrats. If we get a Democratic administration in 2009, Rove's actions could become criminal. The thought of Bush's DOJ investigating Bloch for improper conduct is a joke. I suspect it's really investigating Bloch to continue to conceal Rove and others malfesance. "Even by Republican members"? Idiot, of course by Republican members. Apparently Bloch did not realize his real job was more "window dressing".

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