Friday, May 2, 2008

Of Capabilities and Intentions

"In this regard. we must remember the words of Lenin, who told his commissars of education: 'We must hate--hatred is the basis of Communism.' ... And yet, the tide of hatred is rising. It will rise further as the global economy cannot accomodate everyone. Ethnic hatreds are being stirred, on all sides. And weapons of mass destruction--nuclear and biological--are being devised. ... To begin at the beginning, and to reduce future misunderstanding, there is no question that Buchanan's criticism of Bush's foreign policy is valid. ... As it happens, Pat Buchanan and George W. Bush share the same misperception: namely, that the fall of the Soviet Union put an end to the Cold War. ... For all his brilliance, Buchanan completely misses the fact that the Soviet tank divisions withdrawn from Germany in the 1990s were never a threat to America. All along, the real threat was from Russia's nuclear missiles. And those missiles never went away", J.R. Nyquist (JRN) at, 18 April 2008.

I agree with JRN. That said, our current policy of putting NATO "allies" on Russia's borders is provocative and does not enhance American security. We waste $650 billion in Iraq as opposed to building nuclear missiles defenses. Crazy!

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Joseph Moroco said...

So now that I've got you down with Weimar Ben, will you admit being a neutralist?