Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama-Constitutional Scholar

"It amazes me that Barack Obama [BO], who taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for more than a decade, would be unaware of the legal controversy surrounding Nuremberg and the commotion it caused within the U.S. Supreme Court. ... When [BO] was asked about this on June 18th, he suggested that Osama could be adjudicated in the same manner of the Nazi War Crimes Tribunals at Nuremberg. ... The following day, John McCain replied on his website giving Obama a short history lesson. McCain wrote, 'Unfortunately, is is clear Senator Obama does not understand what happened at the Nuremberg trials and what procedures were followed. ... It also signifies that [BO] does not understand 20th Century history. ... Up until a few weeks ago, Obama thought it was the Americans, not the Soviets, who liberated Auschwitz. ... Nuremberg was prosecuted and adjudicated by an international team consisting of lawyers and judges from the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union. ... Or does Obama think Osama should be tried in an international forum like, well, Nuremberg? ... If Obama taught the U.S. Constitution to his students the same way the Reverend Jeremiah wright preached to his congregation then heaven help us all", Aaron Goldstein, 23 June 2008 at

Imagine, Obama was on the Harvard Law Review. Bonus points: what was Robert Jackson the last Supreme Court Justice not to have?


PrintFaster said...

This is too easy. While American children were learning American history, Obama was in a Madrassa in Indonesia.

The man is totally disconnected from America. All the more reason for the Constitutional requirement for US nativity for the president. If his nativity is legitimate, he could be the most detached American president ever. He is certainly the most detached candidate ever.

Joseph Moroco said...

As a history nerd, I can tell you almost all Americans have no knowledge of their own history let alone the rest of the world.

The Auschwitz thing is a bit of minutiae. Sort of like the question, describe the Confederate action that failed at Gettyburg. Not as important as knowing the causes of th war. It would be nice if he knew about Auschwitz, but I bet if we polled the senate and house, the results would be dismal.

Heck, poll the sitting pres.

If you think there is anything under the McCain cap see,

There is really no one to vote for in this election.

Independent Accountant said...

I am in partial agreement with you. The "Auschwitz thing" is obscure, but Obama should not have erred. Why? Auschwitz was in Poland. The US Army never got as far as Berlin! I agree, most Americans are ignorant of history. The majority of college graduates do not know, according to a NYT poll: the civil war preceded World War I!
I sympathize with you. McCain doesn't look good to me. As WC Varones describes him, "less jobs, more wars".
Happy July 4th!

Charles Frith said...

If history were taught it would be difficult to recruit soldiers to fight the wars. A level of ignorance is necessary.

Anonymous said...

This reflects a broader general arrogance and contempt by the younger so called hip generations about that which is old and therefore irrelevant to their here and now mindset, culture and lifestyle

That and the fact that affirmative action in college admissions is runamok