Friday, August 8, 2008

Joe Jett's Alive!

"France 24 met a former Wall Street trading star, Joseph Jett. In the 90s, he worked for a large New York firm, Kidder Peabody [KP]. ... Fourteen years later, Joe Jett accepted to give a version of his demise in a France 24 interview. ... France 24 contacted Jett's former colleagues but many refused to answer our questions. Most of them still work in the banking sector and have close ties with General Electric, the US heavyweight and former owner of [KP]. Those who dared to speak out were unananimous: Jett couldn't have operated alone, his managers must have known what was going on", Gwladys Savery (GS) at, 18 July 2008. Here's a link to GS's article which has a video. WATCH IT!,

What Uncle Sam did to Jett is a crime. Imagine, no one with KP's controller's office, no GE or KP internal auditor or KMPG CPA went to prison; Mary Joe White, "my favorite NY attorney" gets a "Big NY Law" partnership and Jett's career is ruined. What a country. GE snaps its fingers and the SDNY US Attorneys Office prostrates itself. See also my 10 August and 12 September 2007 and 12 April 2008 posts. Does Jett's fate await the Bear Stearns Two?


Anonymous said...

Hello i.a.,

This is the most superficial farce of a housecleaning I have ever seen. Round up the usual suspects.

OT - Do you think that the oil tumble and recent dollar strength are merely the unwinding of some huge bets that were long oil / short the dollar. If the banking cabal got together they could bust ballz once their friends were properly positioned. What say ye?

Independent Accountant said...

I have quoted Casablanca's Captain Renault a few times. The Jett fiasco is being repeated with Bruce Ivins.
As to the recent crash in: oil, gold, silver, platinum, etc., I share your suspicion, but absent evidence have no conclusion.
It has some resemblance to the "Hunt silver fiasco" of 1980, which is not generally understood. The Hunt's didn't manipulate anything, the exchanges did.

Krupo said...

Reminds me of the FBI guy quoted in TIME who said that they'll catch the fraud-sters who caused the current economic meltdown.

Right, good luck with that.

Independent Accountant said...

I have many posts here about the machinations of the DOJ and SEC. I no more expect the FBI and DOJ to imprison real miscreants than I expect their employees to flap their ears and fly. They will engage in "Palmer Raids", nail nobodys like Craig Gile and posture for the press. That's the way it is.