Friday, August 8, 2008

Legal Ethics?

"In 'Legal Opinions for Sale' (June 9), you refer to a legal opinion by Kaye Scholer in connection with accusations against the firm concerning its representation of Lincoln Savings and Loan in the late 1980s. ... At the conclusion of the [New York State disciplinary committee] investigation, the chief counsel to the committee wrote a four-page letter to the lead lawyers involved in the Lincoln representation, concluding that 'we found no basis for taking any disciplinary action as to any of the matters on which the DDC concentrated,' and accordingly that the investigation was being terminated", Barry Wilmer (BW) letter to Fortune, 21 July 2008.

BW is Kaye Scholer's managing partner. So? That a state bar disciplinary "investigation" found nothing wrong with a large law firm's actions, no more impresses me than PCAOB reviews of Big 87654 firms. I give BW a big "so what"? See my 25 June 2008 post.

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