Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Coming Civil War

"But there is another way of looking at the situation, especially if we compare Western policies toward Kosovo and Russian actions in Georgia. ... And yet, when Russia intervenes in South Ossetia to establish that breakaway region's independence from Western oriented Georgia, the [US] and Europe react with shock and anger. In Russian eyes, the position of the [US] seems to be that intervention is OK when we do it, but not when you do it. ... Despite protestations by the [US] that its intentions are purely defensive, one only needs to consider what any American government's reaction would be to the placement of Russian radars in Mexico to defend against a rogue Latin American state in order to grasp why the installations make the Russians nervous. ... Indeed, European stability demands a stable relationship between Russia and the West. ... In other words, if the ethnic principle works in Kosovo (as it seems to have worked in France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, etc.) why not in these regions? In fact, one of the primary threads of European history since 1850 has been the redrawing of state borders along ethnic lines. Georgia's position on the matter is much like Serbia's on Kosovo--Georgians do not want to live in these areas, which are not particularly viable economically, but the government of Georgia cannot conceive of 'giving up' territory, despite its inability to exercise its rule there", my emphasis, Gail Stokes (GS) at the Houston Chronicle, 24 August 2008.

"Congressional candidate Jack Davis, in a speech earlier this year, warned that increasing immigration from Mexico would lead to a new civil war between northern states and Mexican-influenced Southern states that may want to secede from the [US]. 'In the latter part of this century or the next, Mexicans will be a majority in many of the states and could therefore take control of the state governments using the democratic process,' Davis said in the speech. 'They could then secede from the [US], and then we might have another civil war.' ... No matter when he spoke, Davis could not have made his point of view on Mexican immigrants any clearer. 'They have an allegiance to Mexico, where they were taught the U.S. fought an unjust war with Mexico and took this territory,' Davis said. 'They believe the territory of these states belongs to Mexico.' ... But he appeared to be referring to Texas--which seceeded from Mexico, briefly became an independent republic and the joined the [US]--and the territories Mexico lost as a result of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and much of Colorado were all once Mexican territory, only to become U.S. states after the war. ... 'I think they'll do it without a civil war,' he said. 'They'll take control of the state governments and start voting themselves whatever they want'," Jerry Zremski at the Buffalo News, 25 August 2008, the link:

GS is a Rice history professor, our most prestigious local university, number 17 in the US News 2008 list. Would GS dare apply these concepts to the US, particularly the Southwest, which we got from Mexico after the 1846-48 war? We had the 1962 Cuban missile crisis with the USSR placing missiles 90 miles from our shores in Cuba. Does anyone remember it? I'll give Condoleezza Rice a pass, she was eight in 1962 and might not be aware of the incident. We now propose to put missiles 115 miles from Russia's borders in Poland. What idiot came up with that idea? What would JFK say about this if he were still alive? Does anyone remember what we did in April 1963 when we removed our Jupiter missiles from Turkey as a quid pro quo for the Russians removing their missiles from Cuba. See my 3 November 2007 post comment. See also my 23 February 2008 post. Does anyone study history anymore?

I first heard talk in Houston of the coming civil war 18 months ago. Projected time frame: 2030-2040. Davis is the first candidate for office I've heard mention it. Study history. Look at California's current government. At the least, I expect the US and Mexico to create a joint control "condominium" over the Southwest by 2040. If anyone thinks a majority Hispanic Southwest will remain part of the US as we know it, he's nuts. Look at: Serbia, Georgia, Quebec, etc. That's history. Multiculturalism is a new phenomenon. It won't last. Why does California have net caucasian emigration and a $15 billion budget deficit?

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