Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michael Savage on the Crisis

Michael Savage (MS), who frequently is over the top and browbeats his callers, savaged (ugh) Wall Street and Uncle Sam on 18 September 2008 starting at 5:09 PM Houston time. Some quotes, "Why Wall Street wanted Eliot Spitzer gone. ... Obama is a complete idiot. ... There is only one man in America I would trust [to investigate Wall Street]. ... You didn't ask yourself why this happened [Spitzer's being taken down by the Feds]. ... Do we have an Eliot Ness? Fire Chris Cox. ... I believe there was criminal negligence by Chris Cox. ... They lynched Eliot Spitzer to continue robbing the Treasury. ... We are entering another Great Depression. ... They threw you out of the building. ... It's [the crisis] turning the country into Argentina. ... We are on a level of an IQ of about 80. ... We are stupider as a nation than we have ever been. ... Bush made an unprecedented use of a law, federal pre-emption [to override state banking regulators]. ... I would investigate Chris Cox. ... The sheriff [Chris Cox] has been hiding".

MS was in rare form. I have written many similar things here. MS, welcome aboard!


Kyle said...

Savage is wrong most of the time, but on occasion he produces something that isn't void of intelligence. I think that we do face corruption in it's fullest form with the Secretary of the treasury robbing the treasury.

Independent Accountant said...

It would be difficult to be more critical of Paulson than I have been. If you read the tag "Goldman Sachs" you'll see my criticisms.