Sunday, December 21, 2008

Condoleezza Rice and William Jennings Bryan

"Federal prosecutors in Washington likely face an uphill fight in their case against five indicted Blackwater Worldwide guards who are expected to surrender to authorities Monday. The case is crucial for the Justice Department, which is struggling to show it can hold U.S. security contractors accountable, as well as for Iraqi leaders, who have just stripped legal immunity from foreign guards. ... Justice officials have faced trouble with the case nearly from the start. Investigators from the State Department, which had jurisdiction over the guards, gave the men immunity in exchange for providing statements immediately following the incident. ... The September 2007 shooting incident outraged Iraqis and led the government to aggressively lobby for the elimination of immunity for foreign private security guards", my emphasis, August Cole and Evan Perez at the WSJ, 8 December 2008.

I hope the give Blackwaters kick the (in)Justice Department's arse on this. I note Blackwater was not indicted. Where will, Patrick Rowan, assistant attorney general on this, work when Obama becomes president? A law firm that represents Iraq's lobbyists? Apparently Condoleezza Rice & Co. needed some scapegoats to ingratiate itself with Iraq's government, voila, scapegoats. In 1896 William Jennings Bryan (WJB) delivered his famous "Cross of Gold" speech at Chicago's Democratic Convention. In 1913 WJB became Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson (WW). WJB became so outraged at WW's foreign policy that he resigned in 1915. Connie baby, do likewise. Instead, you crucify five nobodys on a cross of failed US foreign policy. This case looks like a State-DOJ-FBI travesty.

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More Cross of Gold speeches...