Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SEC Deep Capture

Jesse at Jesse's Cafe Americain has a link to Deep Capture about the SEC and New York Big Law's incestuous relationship, 16 December 2008. Here it is: http://www.deepcapture.com/email-illuminates


Anonymous said...

OK IA... it's nauseating...

Printfaster said...

It is long overdue to ban lawyers from law making and law enforcement.

Why do the names Nifong and Spitzer keep coming to mind.

More to the point I am thinking of the multi billion dollar tobacco settlement that represents taxation without representation, and a full employment for overpaid lawyers. Kind of mimics what I keep seeing from Wall Street: A continuous stream of lawsuits for stockholders where lawyers mine some wrong, to offer a couple of bucks to the investment public. Makes it look like there is some sort of enforcement, when all it is, is some kind of joke.

Remember the old phrase about poker and how it applies to investment: If you look around the table and cannot identify the sucker, it is you.

Words to live by when accepting the word of others in their enforcement of investment regulations.