Thursday, January 29, 2009

50 Years of Balogna

"President Nasser, who has a taste for anniversaries, was expected to celebrate one at Gaza last weekend. It is exactly a year since the Israelis left the strip, and prophets had whispered that he might declare a Palestinian republic there. ... What held him back? ... The Gaza families have a way of keeping on both sides of the fence, and the refugees have produced no real leaders. ... There may be another reason for hesitation over proclaming a Palestinian state. All refugees of real competenece have by now scattered far and wide, from Libya to the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, where they have made new homes and new lives. They do not, on the whole, any longer expect to go back to Palestine. They simply like from time to time to recall that there are Arab families in North Africa who have kept the keys to their houses in Spain for hundreds of years", my emphasis, Economist, 22 March 1958, link:

50 years ago? Yes. The Economist posted this old story at its website on 13 January 2009. Think about it. Queen Isabella (QI) threw the Moslems and Jews out of Spain in 1492. These Arabs carried those keys for 466 years when this article appeared. Now that Spain has about 500,000 Moslems it has an irrendentist movement! QI's descendants should be forced to return that "stolen" Spanish land to the Arabs. Call the UN! But wait, didn't the Arabs invade Spain in 711 AD? Did the Spaniards reclaim THEIR stolen land? Where does this end? To understand what's going on, you must learn what is: a waqf and the Islamic Brezhnev doctrine.

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Anonymous said...

They come from inside and out now too

“For almost a thousand years, from the first Moorish landing in Spain to the second Turkish siege of Vienna , Europe was under constant threat from Islam.

In the early centuries it was a double threat—not only of invasion and conquest, but also of conversion and assimilation.”

Bernard Lewis, Islam and the West (Oxford University Press, 1993): – p. 13

Give praise to "The Hammer" for 732...