Friday, January 30, 2009

Australia's Dead Elephant

"Two dead cows putrefy at the entrance to this Aboriginal town deep in the Australian outback. ... Yuendumu and dozens of similarly frayed communities weren't supposed to turn out this way. Four decades ago, Australia enacted wide-ranging reforms to uplift its long-oppressed Aboriginal citizens. The laws mandated equal wages with whites, access to the country's generous welfare system and the eventual transfer of vast chunks of land to near-total Aboriginal control. ... Australia's government has proclaimed the upsurge of violence, child abuse and alcoholism among Aborigines a national emergency. ... Australia's 500,000 Aborigines are seven times as likely as other Australians to have tuberculosis, and eight times as likely to be infected with Hepatitis A, according to government data. Their life expectancy lags the rest of the population by 17 years, and is lower than that of impoverished countries such as Bangldesh and Bolivia. By contrast, the life expectancy gap between Native Americans and the general U.S. population has shrunk in recent decades to 2.4 years. ... Then, in 2007, Australia's conservative federal government decided that such self-imposed isolation was the root cause of the crisis in Aboriginal areas because it allowed widespread abuses to remain hidden from the public eye. Citing numerous cases of sexual violence against children, then Prime Minister John Howard vowed to bring Aboriginal areas into 'the mainstream of the Australian community.' Aborigines make up one-third of the Territory's population and own half its land; they also account for 84% of its prison inmates. ... The intervention immediately sparked accusations of racism from many Aboriginal leaders and some officials in Australia's Labor Party. Marion Scrymgour, currently the country's most senior Aboriginal government official, at the time labeled the intervention 'a vicious new McCarthyism.' ... Under this policy, Aboriginal welfare and pension recipients--the bulk of the adult population in many remote towns, including Yuendumu--are paid half their money in cash. ... The aim is to restrict the amount of cash Aborigines can spend on alcohol, gambling and drugs, and to combat child malnutrition. ... Jenny Macklin, Australia's federal minster for families, housing, community services and indigenous affairs ... says the government is now experimenting with extending similar welfare 'quarantining' to Aboriginal communities outside the Northern Territory. She says there are also plans to make Aboriginal welfare payments conditonal on recipients children's school attendance, hoping to tackle sky-high illiteracy rates in communities where as many as half the kids routinely stay away from school. ... 'You've got to do some tough love,' Ms. Macklin said in an interview, 'Otherwise, you're going to lose another generation.' ... After article appeared in the Australian press describing the poor conditions in town, Aboriginal elders imposed tight restrictions on the media. Visiting journalists had to be accompanied at all times by minders of the community's Warlpiri Media unit", my emphasis, Yaroslav Trofimov at the WSJ, 17 Janaury 2009.

Does any of this sound familar? Racism, wow! Would Macklin move to the US and become Detroit's mayor, my 5 January 2009 post, link: Now for some real racism, my 1 September 2008 post, link: Richard Lynn in The Global Bell Curve, 2008, reported aborigines average IQ was 62. You don't suppose? Don't even think that, you racist you! Violent facts! Waaaa, waaaa, waaaa!


Anonymous said...

Does the color really matter? Lot of dumb white people too...

from your "elephant in living room" post...

"Heckman directs attention at family environments, which have deteriorated over the past 40 years ... IQ matters, but Heckman points to equally important traits that start and then build from those early years: Motivation levels, emotional stability, self-control and sociability..."


Independent Accountant said...

Why do you think "environments have deteriorated"? Which causes what? What percentage of whites do you think have 62 IQs, or less? Take a guess. In my opinion, Heckman is a fool, or a lot worse. IQ matters. By the way, I included the Heckman quote as one from someone who DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT! Read the relvant literature if you dare. Then come back in a few years. 62 IQ is -2.53 SD for Caucasians, which is, drumroll please, in the first percentile!

Printfaster said...

The problem is that there are not dumb white and dumb orientals. The problem is that it is now illegal to measure the IQ of black students.

By the way, anyone of real African heritage, not US slave descended is classified as white in US schools. Obama would be white in any US public school, not because of his mother, but because his father is "white". Har har.

The problem is this: We refuse to allow anyone to mention that blacks as a group may be dumber than white. This see no evil is destroying education in that no one is allowed to group large numbers of black students into programs that might benefit them. A simple example is allowing blacks to fill vocational programs rather than pre-college academic programs. As soon as that happens all sorts of racial red flags are raised.

I will give you my personal experience of the horrible results of this see-no-evil policy. I interviewed a fine young black man who was a PhD candidate in a technical field at a top university for a job. I had more knowledge in his PhD topic than he did, and I was not even in the field. Egad. This young man was brought to believe that he was somehow the peer of the other PhD students. He was clearly not, being coddled all the way up, far beyond his competence. He will likely end up as a dean in a top institution since no one will want him in any academic department. Like women in work that requires athleticism, they end up in desk posistions.

My experience in hiring makes very suspicious of any black in higher position, that they are truly incapable and are to be distrusted.

That is the quiet prejudice of affirmative action. It is corrosive and dangerous. It is time to conclusively end affirmative action and get on with ending color.

Independent Accountant said...

The facts are there for all to see. The question is: what if anything can be done about them?
What you suggest, "tracking" was done by NYC's public schools in the 1950s and 1960s. It led to some strange and laughable results. NYC's Board of Ed assigned class sizes by student IQ, such that the largest class had students with the highest average IQs, the lowest the smallest. Why? Kids with higher IQs need less attention and have fewer behavior problems. CRMD classes, had 8-12 students. CRMD? Yes, Children With Retarded Mental Development. The NYC BofE did not use euphemisms in those days. Some academics came from Columbia or Harvard, I forget which, to do a study showing smaller class size improves student perfomance in NYC's public schools. What did they find? Smaller class size hurt student performance! Idiots, they could have asked anyone in a fifth-grade class in a NYC public school who could have told them of this policy. The Ivy League numbskulls apparently found the policy and ended their study. What nitwits. It is sometimes very difficult to figure out what causes what.
Afirmative action has had the result you describe.

Printfaster said...

The class size thing: This is an effort by the unions to hold staffing and membership up.

As for the issue of "nature versus nurture", I recommend Matt Ridley's book, "Nature via Nurture". The twin studies are rather interesting and are being suppressed by the academic establishment.

You see the nonsense of assuming that nurture can overcome capability in section 8 housing, where ghetto students are inserted into middle class schools. They simply bring the ghetto to the burbs. The burbs do little to modify what is inserted.

What is funny, is that no one is clamoring to limit the number of blacks in college basketball or athletics, or provide for affirmative action for Asians in these areas.

What has done the most damage to black inner city society, has been the Great Society. It has demotivated blacks, setting up the Blame Society. The Negro of MLK and Booker T Washington, is now the black of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. A caricature that offers failure as a career option, witness Michelle Obama and her $300,000 a year job as "Diversity Consultant", a job so essential that it disappeared with her. She must have succeeded and brought diversity to the University of Chicago Medical Center.

At the end of the day, it may be the end of the public school that cleans out this mess. There was a recent story of a program in Sweden where a private firm was taking the education subsidy and providing education via the internet, producing a superior product.

So it goes, round and round the prickly pear.

Anonymous said...

Waaaa... you insulted me... waaaa..

I'll be gone to the library for a few years...

This will be a tough one to package...low IQs and Great Society demotivation...