Thursday, January 22, 2009

Expert Madness

"The other day I read an op-ed by the Danish Cold War researcher, Bent Jensen, in Jylands-Posten, where he wrote that a Russian friend of his recommended that he read the book The Flying Inn [TFI] by Gilbert K. Chesterton [GKC] from 1914, in order to understand what was going on in the European elites in general and the British elites in particular vis-a-vis multiculturalism and pandering to Islam. ... Not only did [GKC] have the uncanny foresight to see how Europe could be overtaken by Islam, but also describing the effete elite's hypocrisy and double-standards to the dot. ... The plot and the problems of the book appear as if taken straight out of the political-intellectual stage of Denmark, Britain and Europe of today. ... A close Russian friend of mine had for quite a while encouraged me to read a devil-may-care novel by the English Catholic author [GKC], who died in 1936. His novel, which is a utopian piece, takes place in England at the end of the 19th century. 'It will teach you what is happening in Denmark and Europe right now,' said my Russian friend. 'Read it, the book is named The Flying Inn'." Briefly explained, [TFI] is about the ruling class and its fierce discontent with the state of the world, and in particular the way the lower classes choose to live their lives. The spokesman for the upper class if Lord Ivywood [LI], a member of Parliament--a pale, anemic and humorless world-improver, isolated from the British people, their faith and customs. Personally, the Lord believes in nothing except his own utopian ideas. ... And here we are at the core of the matter. The Higher Society has always considered the lower classes, the common people to be vulgar. The underclass dresses wrong, eats and drinks wrong; it talks and even thinks in wrong ways. Thus is becomes an important task for the ruling classses in politics, journalism, science, and education to raise the incorrectly eating and thinking classes. It is also of utmost importance to make the lower classes abandon their love for the country and their culture--as well as their skepticism towards alien cultures seeking to intrude and dominate. [LI] and his peers in other European countries have decided to make peace with the Islamic world--on Islam's terms. Partly because there is profit to be made from such a peace, and partly beacuse Islam would be good for the lower classes, for instance by curbing the ongoing drunkenness in England. ... The book opens with a description of a 'menagerie of asylum members', that is, the major or minor fools who create a considerable share of the noise also known as 'public debate'. ... Finally, we also find in the menagerie a Turk wearing a red fez, who emplains that British civilization actually originated with the Turks, a fact utterly forgotten by the British. One of his brilliant proofs for this statement is that the British prefer Turkeys for Christmas. The similarity to the imams of our days is striking. This ignorant madman is excessively popular with the higher classes. ... According to Captain Dalroy modern man is utterly confused as to life and its meaning. He expects something never promised to him by nature, and for that reason he destroys all that nature has already granted him. In [LI's] atheistic mission houses for social improvement and salvation of the planet there is 'a preachery up and down the doors' about the perfect peace, unlimited mutual confidence, universal joy and souls uniting. ... [GKC] without respect describes diplomats in this fashion: They are permitted to divulge neither knowledge nor ignorance. This is one of their tragedies. For that reason, they try to appear as if they know everything. This is an apt description of current Danish and European politicians. They not only assume that they know everything. They also assume that it is their right to interfere with everything", Baron Bodissey (BB), 11 January 2009 at:

Right on BB. In the US we are told about great civilizations south of the Sahara Desert and what we owe Africa. Nonsense. If you don't know what you are doing, leave well enough alone. I read this and thought, "If only Israel would", self-destruct. Then the European elites can be happy. Peace will reign in the Middle East. For about one week, then the Sunnis and Shites will resume their 1,352 year long antagonism.

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Like the title IA... "Expert Madness" ~~