Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tick Marks

Dan Meyer, Tennesse accounting professor, writes Tick Mark, link: http://tickmarks.blogspot.com/. His 10 December 2008 post reads in part, "In a closely matched field of eight, (the nominees plus David Albrecht's 'The Summa'), the four accounting blogs chosen for the 'Twelve Blogs of Christmas' are: CPA Firm Leaders Blog (Rita Keller), FEI SOX Blog (Edith Ornstein), re: the Auditors (Francine McKenna) and the Skeptical Accountant (anonymous male from Texas). ... The Skeptical Accountant is a hard-nosed libertarian male with no use for sloppy economic practice--regardless of who is responsible. Two top recent posts include 'Oil Supply' and 'The Bloodless Coup Continues-6'."

Thanks Professor Meyer. I think your description of me as a "hard-nosed libertarian male" is more accurate than as a leftist.

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I thought IA was Francine McKenna in disguise...