Monday, February 9, 2009

Islamic Free Speech

"The latest twist in the clash between Western values and the Muslim world took place yesterday in the Netherlands, where a court ordered the prosecution of lawmaker and provocateur Geert Wilders for inciting violence. The Dutch MP and leader of the Freedom Party, which opposes Muslim immigration into Holland, will stand trial soon for his harsh criticism of Islam. ... He has compared the Koran to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' and urged Muslims to tear out 'hate-filled' verses from their scripture. This is a frontal assault on Islam--but, as Mr. Wilders points out, he's targeting the religion, not its followers. ... Some Muslims say they are outraged by his statements. But if freedom of speech means anything, it means freedom of controversial speech. ... But the successful integration of Muslims in Europe will require that immigrants adapt to Western norms, not vice versa", Editorial at the WSJ, 22 January 2009.

"According to GeenStijl, the mainstream Dutch opinion poll firms are wrong: there is massive grassroots support for Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. '85% of all Dutch said NO to a prosecution of Geert Wilders", Baron Bodissey (BB), 23 January 2009 at

"The politically correct stubborness found in western democracies insists it is not Islam, just a tiny minority of misguided radicals that perpetrate violence. However, saying something does not make it so, no matter how endlessly it is repeated. It is not a matter of 'interpretation,' of the Koran, it is a matter of evidence and truth: Islam too often brings violence. ... Decades of naive multiculturalism, generous handouts and easy asylum for 'Muslim refugees' has made Holland a land of two incompatible belief systems, Islam and 21st century socialist humanism. ... While the Dutch see themselves are eminently civilized and able to negotiate and appease conflict away, their country is being stolen from under them. ... Islam has been eating away at the Netherlands for decades. Its sway is far out of proportion to its population. It demands special treatment and gets it. ... Europe is being methodically Islamicized. The steady undermining of the rule of law and democratic institutions by Islamic supremacists attempts to create two separate societies, with Islam preeminent. The intrinsic multicultural tolerance of nations like Holland and Belgium is bring turned against them. ... The naive tolerance of Holand's government is seen as weakness, one gleefully exploited. ... We cannot fight what we do not understand, and we cannot understand unless we examine more than the propaganda of Islamic apologists and their useful idiots", my emphasis, Lance Fairchok, 24 January 2009 at

"Modern civilization is based on a few axioms. These are held as self-evident, and while not every society has been able to arrive ar successful practice of them, most would agree with them in principle. These are: 1. Equality of all human beings in the eyes of the law. ... 2. Freedom of beliefs in general, and religion in particular. ... 3. Freedom of expression and frredom to dissent. Freedom to intelecually scrutinize any doctrine, including a relgious one. 4. Belief in democracy as the ideal mode of governance. ... But not Islam. Not Shari'a. Islamic law (Shari'a) is categorically and emphatically opposed to ALL 4 aximons of modern civilization. ... It is not a coincidence that Islamic societies 'look very different' from free societies. ... It is up to honest intellectuals to inform the public what Shari'a means. It means the end of civilization as we know it", BB, 28 January 2009, at:

Islam prohibits free speech as we know it in the West. What don't Westerners understand? Either Islam or the West will prevail. It's that simple. Let the Moslems be outraged. The Dutch government has lost all legitimacy in my eyes.

What does the Dutch government not understand? Why should the Dutch continue to pay Moslem immigrants jiyza?

What is it Westerners don't understand?

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