Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MBA & JD Teachers

"Officially, Adria Berry is an attorney. ... Berry has sent more than 200 resumes seeking work as a lawyer, but after not landing a single interview, she has resorted to substitute teaching. ... School administrators say the unusally high caliber of the applicants--some with MBAs and other prestigious advanced degrees--allows them to be choosier when assigning substitutes to classrooms. ... The job doesn't come with health insurance and the pay ranges from about $60 to $100 a day in the Houston area", Ericka Mellon at the Houston Chronicle, 28 January 2009, link:

When the Houston Independent School District starts receiving former Goldman Sachs managing directors' resumes the crisis will be over.

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Anonymous said...

Good one IA...

GS MD's teaching risk? Or how to co-opt institutions like governments?