Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama's Magic

Steve Sailer has an amusing 23 January post about academic incomptence or worse. One quote, "No this isn't from The Onion", at Read it, you need a good laugh.


Printfaster said...

The conclusion from the previous blog titled "Occam's butterknife" leads one to conclude that if blacks do worse than predicted by SAT/ACT someone will step in to raise their college grades.

Kind of reminds me of Obama and his college tour that took him to Columbia where it seems that he did nothing, and still graduated. Amazing the effect of being recommended by community organizers has on one's grades. Perhaps the Obama effect will have the same effect on the grades of blacks in schools and get them raised, just because they need to be raised.

Affirmative action is insidious beyond words. It twists all forms of logic into evil pretzels.

Anonymous said...

Obama's "magic" fading fast... think it can last till the spring?

Printfaster said...

Anonymous, funny you should ask how long Obama's magic will last.

My prediction is that Obama will resign before winter 2009.

One of the oddest remarks to come of the White House was that Obama wanted to visit his children's school just to get out of the White House. I see Obama as a man who has never done any work on his own. In the campaign, he was handled. I do not get the feeling that he is well read. Bush read 40 books a year. Obama in his colleges, never seemed to study or produce anything of value. His term in the Senate was marked by absence.

I just do not see him able to do anything with the office of the president, and tiring of the demands for thinking. Basically, I think that he is a slob. Maybe he will grow into the office like Clinton and find ways to entertain himself, even though he does nothing.