Monday, February 16, 2009

Woodrow Wilson Infects Obama's "State"

"President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly believe that the key to world peace is an international welfare state to equalize wealth distribution worldwide. Both the President and ... [Clinton] are on record as believing that they key to world peace and the end of Islamic Jihad is to buy-off the enemy with welfare benefits, funded by American taxpayers. ... Theirs is an approach based on social justice, the liberal-progressive hypothesis that institutions supporting private property rights foster unfair accumulation of wealth in the hands of greedy capitalists, leading to discontent. ... Those views are a reversion to pre-World War I progressivism, when European and American liberal-progressives were firmly convinced that the world was moving inevitably toward social perfection. ... In his exposition of positivistic philosophy and the Religion of Humanity, Auguste Comte had expressed confidence that all people of the world, after becoming aware of his new scientific era ethical principles, would voluntarily and happily come to study peace and harmony at his feet. ... The savagery of World Wat I, followed by the 1917 Russian Revolution, brutally questioned the validity of that worldview, as did the abject failure of the League of Nations. ... Apparently having learned nothing from the dismal showing of liberal-progressive foreign policy in the 19th and 20th centuries ... Obama and [Clinton] propose to run the same banner up the flagpole once again", Thomas Brewton, 25 January 2009 at

Cherson has a 27 January 2009 post about Palestinian "refugees" history and unique "refugee" status. He compares their situation to Sikhs and Hindus thrown out of Pakistan in 1947 and Moslems who left India in 1947. He also notes that Israel has many Arabs who are descended from the 450,000 Arabs who stayed in Israel in 1948. Here's a link, learn some history:

Let's see: Obama, AB Columbia, JD Harvard; Clinton, AB Wellseley, JD Yale. Three Ivy League degrees out of four. You might think these two know something. Islam's jihad began in 622 AD, long before Marx was born. Did either of these two ever hear the term, "jiyza"? What do they think Islamists believe Western foreign aid is? Fools! Do Islamists attack India or the Phillipines because of each's great wealth? What's going on here? See also my 11 September 2008 post:


Anonymous said...

Bush was also a follower of Wilson, so it looks like the only change we are getting will be even more money wasted

As to why they are doing it, Its part of the leftist ideology, that revolutionaries come out of the poor and if you get rid of poor people then you get rid of the revolutionaries. Yet in fact revolutionaries come out of the middle class or upper class which is denied power. Osama is from a rich family, his next in command is a doctor, even the suicide bombers are not from the poor but often from merchant or professional families.

Poor people have enough trouble getting food, they might riot, but they don’t have the resources nor talent for revolution.


Anonymous said...

...the end of Islamic Jihad is to buy-off the enemy with welfare benefits, funded by American taxpayers...

That would be expensive... seems naive...

kuato said...

hello i.a.,

i have no kids, so they can do whatever they want. i'm through giving a damn. best.