Wednesday, March 4, 2009

California in Crisis-4

"As influxes of non-English speakers hit various neighborborhoods served by the school district (Lodi and north Stockton), the principals put in requests to the Adult School to send out a teacher to start a class. Before long, I noticed a fascinating pattern that held up regardless of which campus I was assigned to. The American-born teaching staff had small families averaging two children per teacher. But among their immigrant K-6 pupils, each had five, six or as many as eight siblings. Some immigrant parents had even larger families. One Mexican farm worker had fourteen children. A bilingual teaching aide, also Mexican, was one of twenty-two children. What brings this page from my past to the forefront is the storm surrounding Nayda Suleman, the unmarried 'California woman' who recently gave birth to octupulets even though she already had six children under the age of eight. VDARE.COM's Steve Sailer calls her 'Octomon.' ... Suleman and her defenders claim it's wrong to rob her of her privacy and to scapegoat her as selfish for ignoring the country's economic crisis, especially as it pertains to health care costs. ... But Suleman's approving a website that takes Pay Pal donations to allow you to help her raise her familiy (as if you don't have financial worries of your own) is inconsistent with her demands for privacy. ... Suleman's sanctimonious claim that her lifestyle is her decision alone and therefore none of anyone else's business is a tough sell. She recently hired a public relations firm Kileen Furtney Group ... to market book and movie opportunities. ... And Suleman receives food stamps valued at about $500 monthly plus disability payments for three other infants--public money, every dime of it. What's amazing is that so many people still can't see the whole picture when it comes to family size. ... In my immigrant classrooms of twenty years ago, my fellow teachers and I were dismayed and outraged at the numbers of children born to young immigrant mothers. In many ways, those immigrant mothers had much in common with Suleman. Although none of them took fertilization treatments, they had neither the financial resources--almost all received welfare--nor the emotional make up to nurture their children successfully in their new American environment. ... The long-term effects of those large families born to Southeast Asian refugees, and the steady inflow of illegal aliens from all over the world (but mostly Mexico and Central America) have devastated California. ... During the [recent] two-decade period, California health care came under seige. Every legal immigrant received a Medi-Cal card and used it freely, and often abusively, for ailments ranging from emergency room treatment for headaches to major surgery. Public K-12 education began its slide from among America's best to its current place as the country's worst--an irredeemable disaster. ... As I look back to my ESL teaching days, its clear to me there should have been as much outrage over the America's immigration disaster and its predicatable impact on our culture and population growth then as there is over Suleman's irresponsibilty", Joe Guzzardi, 14 February 2009 at:

China has a "one-child" policy and California a "two-child" policy for its working and taxpaying classes. Workers of California unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains. The fertility gradient rears its ugly head, my 18 September 2008 post: Junior at Jr. Deputy Accountant, said something to the effect that her generation was the stupidest in America's history. She's right! Do these illegal alien women think they are $25 million a year Wall Street traders living on public largesse? Jeb Bush, when Florida's governor never offered to support Terri Schiavo out of his own pocket, but would spend public funds to keep her alive. Who pays is always the issue. The US pays Mexico "war reparations" by supporting Mexico's least productive citizens it exports. What a world! We were warned on 20 April 1968 by Enoch Powell in his "Rivers of Blood" speech, link:

The Economist, 20 February 2009, wrote of "The Ungovernable State", California. I note the left-wing Economist did not mention immigration as a source of California's fiscal and social woes, link:


Anonymous said...

Uh oh... regional problem?

From the Economist... "The immediate cause of the budget crisis can be traced to Wall Street.

California depends on income taxes for almost half of its revenues (see chart). Its tax code is so progressive—that is, rich-soaking—that in 2006 the top 1% of earners paid 48% of all income taxes.

Since the wealthy derive much of their income from bonuses, capital gains and stock options, the state’s fortunes rise and fall with the markets.

California’s economy is as wide and deep as the ocean, but much of its revenues come from froth. That froth has simply blown away."

So in the two tiered CA system revenues collapse and demand for services explodes... regional problem?

Benign Brodwicz said...

It is far too expensive to try to expel illegal immigrants, although stopping the inflow should be a top priority as Mexico apparently is failing.

Those that have been here a while and who are working need to be given a visa and a social security number and made to pay taxes.

Independent Accountant said...

Illegal immigration is a national problem. It is most severe in CA. CA will never balance its budget. As the middle class leaves, it is replaced with illgal aliens from Southern Mexico who are net "tax consumers".

Are you serious? We had an amnesty in 1986 which I opposed thinking it would increase illegal immigration. I was right. Of course we can deport illegal aliens. We did in 1954 during "Operation Wetback", when we deported almost 2 million. Made to pay taxes? Illegal aliens making $8 a hour don't pay taxes. Where do you get this stuff? They are "tax consumers"! Far too expensive? Have you looked at the numbers? Do you understand discounted cash flow analysis? The Bush administration had a series of talking points which you sound just like.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers subsidize the illegal aliens, i.e. people who break the law, i.e. people who are lawbreakers, with so-called free education, free health care, free this and free that. Once you cut of the subsidy, most will come here, work and go back. Its done all over the world. Except in the USA and the socialist state of California.