Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BP Justice

"A division of BP officially became a felon Thursday when a federal judge accepted a long-pending plea bargain to resolve a criminal investigation into the deadly 2005 explosion at the company's Texas City refinery. US District Judge Lee Rosenthal ordered BP to pay the agreed-upon $50 million fine by Monday and comply with blast-related settlements with regulators while on probation for three years. ... Victims say the fine is too small, that BP has failed to abide by blast-related settlements with regulators and that prosecutors bypassed a 2004 federal victim rights law requiring prosecutors to confer with victims before drafting the accord. ... In a 138-page order, Rosenthal noted that the case is among the few in which the government successfully applied a felony violation to an industrial accident. ... Brent Coon, the attorney who represented [Linda] Rowe and headed up massive civil litigation stemming from the blast, said the fine 'equates to the cost of a traffic ticket for an individual'," Kristen Hays at the Houston Chronicle, 13 March 2009.

I referred to this rotten case before, here for example: 13 May and 12 August 2008:

There just ain't no justice no more.

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Anonymous said...

The fine?... just a cost of doing business...