Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama and the Pirates

"It's a repeat of 1979, and the world is watching to see if Obama is going to be any more effective than Jimmy Carter was. ... Thank heavens for the pirates! Because we must know as soon as possible if the Obamites are as incompetent and foolish as they proudly claim to be--or whether they can summon up the guts to try to rescue the captain. ... The West has forty years of experience in knocking over hostage takers, as Israelis did in Entebbe. But similar methods have been perfected by now, as shown most recently in Colombia, where US forces advised the Colombian government how to deal with another hostage situation. ... If Obama fails to take action ... [that] means one of two things: either the aggressors start winning, or somebody else has to play the international cop--the role the [US] has carried for sixty years. ... And in the Middle East it will either be Israel--which can protect the Arab countries from nuclear attack by Iran--or it will be the mad mullahs of Qom. I would guess that the Israelis will bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, with the covert help of Arab Gulf states", my emphasis, James Lewis, 11 April 2009, link:

Israel bomb Iran's nuclear facilities? Insha Allah!

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Anonymous said...

Oh IA... you're making Secretary Clinton sweat...