Monday, July 20, 2009

Feminist Apocalypse

"In Fareed Zakaria's book, The Post American World, we find some apt criticisms of American behavior (and Western behavior in general). ... The spoiled adult, like the spoiled child, doesn't want to do the right thing. Furthermore, he hates his better, revolts against authority, and embraces the path of self-destruction. ... But in reality, the KGB and the Russian nuclear missiles never really went away. ... I am reminded of a quote from James Burnham's book, Suicide of the West. Burnham wrote: 'I have stated as my underlying hypothesis that liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. ... I take is as too obvious to require discussion that, if the [US] collapses or declines to unimportance, the collapse of the other Western nations will not be far behind.' ... My view is closer to Burham's view, closer to a traditional 'balance of power' view. You cannot upset the superpower balance with impunity. ... Nations may cooperate, may form leagues or collective security organizations, but alien civilizations and cultures aren't going to melt into each other under the auspices of the global market. ... From the warlord we derive patriarchy, monarchy and aristocracy--bringing an end to feminism, democracy and egalitarianism. The reversal of the present order seems rather inevitable to me. ...George Washington was a general, not a social democrat or a Wall Street speculator His task was not to homogenize. It was to oppose force with force. ... Because America is a superpower an international crisis is also engendered. Sophisticated observers in Russia and China know what I'm referring to. The unravelling of a society, a nation or a civilization is a periodic ocurrrence in history. ... We should be reminded that nations are born in blood and renewed in blood", original italics, JR Nyquist (JRN), 15 May 2009, at:

"Imagine you are on the Titanic, and the ship is sinking after sideswiping an iceberg. Does it matter if you need a haircut? Under life-and-death circumstances, only life seems to matter. The trivia that clogs our existence is swept away by the sudden realization of what is actually at stake. In this sense, true philosophy is found on the deck of the Titanic. It leads us to discover what really matters; that is to say, why most things actually do not matter. ... In a speech to senior Party cadres in 2005, Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian once noted, 'In Chinese history ... the ruthless have always won and the benevolent have always failed.' What is true for Chinese history, however, has not been true in American history. Only those who appreciate this fact will understand what the elimination of the [US] would signify. ... Consider, in this context, the words of yet another Chinese general, Li Jijin: 'Unconsciously accepting an opponent's strategic misdirection causes a nation to be defeated or collapse, and now know why.' ... The serious strategist, looking at society's gradual surrender to one suicidal idea after another, says to himself: 'An enemy could not have devised a better engine for our ultimate destruction'," JRN, 19 June 2009, link:

"In the last few years it has become obvious that we are living in the twilight of the Western Democracies. ... Does democracy carry within it a poison pill that guarantees its own eventual destruction? ... So, for our purposes, the Age of Democracy covers the last four hundred years--and may well be drawing to a close. The fact that all modern Western democratic states are exhibiting varying degrees of the same morbid symptoms compels one to suspect that the disease is inherent in democracy itself, and not in its particular forms, or the quality of its political leaders, or which countries it holds sway in. ... For the last sevety-five years or so we have been governed extra-constitutionally. ... But peace and prosperity induce somnolence and amnesia. The current state of affairs comes to seem natural and normal. It is taken for granted, instead of being known for the fortunate anomaly that it actually is. We are living in a brief golden interlude of history: the normal state of human affairs is one of brutality, bloodshed and barbarism. It will be all too easy to return to the old patterns as our vigilance wanes. ... But the decline of education and the atomization and degradation of popular culture have eroded the average person's ability to understand the nature of self-government. ... The all-pervading state is a consequence of the feminization of democratic society. The requirement that society be safe, all-inclusive, and free of conflict is a quintessentially feminine notion. Liberty--a quintessentailly masculine notion--takes a back seat when women start to drive the democratic bus. ... When violence and brutality resume their time-honored course, the femimized superstructure of our culture will be discarded quickly enough. Until then, everybody has to drink their milk, play nice and share their toys. ... Sometime in the next quarter-century the promises made to retired people, the disabled, the unemployed, and other beneficiaries of the State will have to be broken", my emphasis, Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, 27 June 2009, link:

Quoted without comment.

I agree with JRN.

I agree with Bodissey.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all this and more... I believe the assumption, by the state, of financial responsibility for children, the retired and elderly, and those handicapped has directly weakened the family structure... which is turn has unraveled the web that holds the culture together... we are weak individually, as family units and as a country.

You quote:

"The all-pervading state is a consequence of the feminization of democratic society. The requirement that society be safe, all-inclusive, and free of conflict is a quintessentially feminine notion."

I think this accurate analysis. But it is a loser as spur for social change... the language of the criticism obscures it's truth... better packaging is in order. Much better packaging.

Independent Accountant said...

Packaging is a "feminine" notion. I disagree that better pacakaging will change anything. We need to be defeated in a major war or have a total economic collapse before any substantive change will be possible.

Anonymous said...

Sure IA...

Big transformation generally does arise from war, famine and pandemics... the last may arrive first... or a combination... dangerous times coming.

Matthew Tripp said...

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winged unicorn said...

don't sweat the small stuff.

but how to determine the small stuff? rule of 24: if it won't matter in a year or two, a month or two, a day or two, then it does not matter now. makes you look at things like the desire for intense government oversight of EVERYTHING [as opposed to general oversight to insure code compliance and standards] and coddling of special interest groups [hermaphrodites who want pudgies as pets even if verboten in their apartment complex-FORM A GROUP! SUE THE BASTARDS!]differently.
i'm not opposed to social action, feminism, egalitarianism, socialized medicine [isn't that just another form of health insurance?] we both know i'm a greenie, but there comes a point where i want to scream "GROW THE EFF UP PEOPLE! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK"