Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama, Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad

"What is clear is that Obama has chosen to pick a fight with Israel. ... I think the real key to understanding the policy shift is the linkage the Administration has laid out between Israeli Palestinian negotiations (which the Administration is arguing depends almost exclusively on an Israeli halt to settlement activity) and the effort to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. It is my belief that the Obama team has thrown in the towel on stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Obama will never use military force for this. ... So in order to provide an excuse for the Administration's failure to stop Iran, they will make Israel the reason for this happening--Israel refused to stop settlement activity. ... It is also sad to see Hillary Clinton, who many of us would be much better on US Israel relations than Obama during the campaign last year, turning into the loyal warrior for Obama on this initiative, knifing Israel at every opportunity. ... There is a fourth possibility--that Obama simply wants to be loved by the Muslim masses around the globe. ... It is frightening to consider that the current policy shift might be occurring for narcissistic reasons and not strategic ones", my emphasis, Richard Baehr, 10 June 2009 at:

Even I don't think geographically and historically challenged, double Ivy League POTUS is so stupid as to believe if Israel disappeared tomorrow and its 5.2 million Jews died in a 2009 "tenth Egyptian plague", Iran would end its nuclear weapons program. Either Uncle Sam destroys Iran's nuclear sites or he doesn't. That's the bottom line, POTUS. Obama will not attack Iran. Instead, like Bush, he keeps us busy in Iraq and Afghanistan. I never thought "The Smartest Woman in the World" would be "better on US Israel relations". Mr "57 States" can't think strategically, or otherwise. Alternatively, as "OIS President" he believes attacking Iran is "haram", so uses Iraq and Afghanistan to weaken us strategically! As Yves Smith would say, keeping us busy in Iraq and Afghanistan is a "feature, not a bug". It's what the jihadis want.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with what you wrote.

Obama is a Marxist Muslim.

Printfaster said...

The worst part is that commander O thinks himself superior to others.

Netanyahu has the fight of his life on his hands. O is out to destroy the Netanyahu government and replace it with a compliant bunch of handwringers. If Israel disappears, it will be because the Capos have taken over the state of Israel.

Personally, if I were Binnie, I would drive all the Palestinians into Syria and Lebanon, and call it quits. Let them deal with the madmen. Strategically the West Bank and Gaza are untenable for Israel. Leaving them there in a nuclear world is nuts.