Friday, August 14, 2009

California in the Netherlands

"'How predictable, the hue and cry on the questions directed at the government by PVV MP Sietse Fritsma about the costs of immigration. This is supposed to be a new low in the activities of the PVV, according to its opponents. But is that true? ... If only so that the politicians at least know what the material consequences are when they again open the border to immigrants with similar characteristics (regions of origin, education, employment opportunities, culture, language) to those of the previous immigrants who arrived in the Netherlands. This, of course, primarily concerns non-Western immigrants, at the moment about two million, who are quite out of tune in the lists on unemployment, pensions, crime and low income. ... It is quite odd that there are politicians who don't want to know this. It is even the more remarkable since malicious myths are constantly being spread about the presumed benefits of immigration. But there are no benefits, at least there hardly ever are any. ... But why do all the opponents rampage as a wild bunch agains this PVV request? Weren't they the ones who always have said the immigrants deliver an essential and indispensible contribution to our prosperity and economy? If that is the case, and can be proven with numbers, isn't that to their advantage? For they always talk of the "multicultural enrichment". If that enrichment is not in the economic contribution, where is it then? It won't be in forced marriages, honor crimes, headscarves or burkas, will it? The core of Fritsma's questions is always the same: the government is spending a disproportionate amount of money to (non-Western) immigrants and there is little in return'," Baron Bodissey, 26 July 2009, at

As Michael Savage says, "Borders, language, culture".

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Good title...

CA has to make more hard choices about the state budget. Sure.