Sunday, August 30, 2009

DOJ Catches Minnows

"Peter Cammarano III, the mayor of Hoboken, NJ, who was arrested July 23 in a huge state corruption sweep, resigned effective at noon on Friday. ... Anthony R. Suarez, the mayor of Ridgefield, in Bergen County, has not resigned despite being charged with accepting $10,000 in bribes. The authorities say Mr. Cammarano, both before and after his June election, accepted $25,000 in cash from an undercover cooperating witness, Solomon Dwek, who posed as a developer looking to gain government support for his projects in several New Jersey counties. ... The criminal complaint against Mr. Cammarano, who narrowly won a runoff election for mayor on June 9, says he accepted money from Mr. Dwek in exchange for promises of help with Mr. Dwek's projects", my emphasis, David Halbfinger and Nate Schweber at the NYT, 1 August 2009, link:

$10,000 and $25,000, or 11 and 27 hours of a NY BigLaw partner's time. With all the fraud and corruption that must cross the Hudson River, NJ's Feds had time for this. Hahahahaha. Do it the NY way: help, then get your NY BigLaw partnership a few years after the fact.

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Anonymous said...

They are not smart enough or interested enough to catch the real crooks in the "Great AIG Heist".

So they go trolling over in New Jersey where the docks are stacked with corrupt politicians. Easy pickings...