Friday, August 28, 2009

Goldman's Schtarkes-3

"A US District Court judge ruled Monday that alleged computer-code thief Sergei Aleynikov can have access to his personnel records from former employer Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [GSG]. Mr. Aleynikov's lawyers want to use the records to show that he was a valued [GSG] employee. [GSG] argued that the records weren't relevant to the case, a criminal complaint filed by US prosecutors that alleges that Mr. Aleynikov stole computer code related to [GSG's] proprietary high-frequency trading. In response to a [GSG] lawyer's argument that the personnel records are from a 'third party' and thus subject to stricter standards, US District Judge Paul A Crotty said, 'This is not a shot in the dark. [GSG] is the complaining witness. He wants to look at his file'," my emphasis, Joseph Checkler at the WSJ, 11 August 2009, link:

GSG needs new lawyers. GSG's objection is absurd, like GSG's recently collapsed Goldman666 case. I hope Aleynikov is acquitted and sues GSG for defamation. Further, that GSG's supposed "proprietary" trading tool becomes public knowledge. Hey Khuzami, are you now investigating GSG's high-speed trading activities? Good show Judge Crotty. If GSG makes another absurd motion, sanction it. Criminal complaint, my arse. GSG is using the SDNY US attorney's office to bring a civil trade secrets theft case.

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Anonymous said...

Blessed are Judges Crotty, Rakoff, and Preska...

We've seen Wall Street roll the Congress, the SEC, the Federal Reserve, President Obama et al.

Finally somebody puts a stop to the corrupt activities of our nation's financial elites. Thank God for the judiciary.

Note to the other branches of government... the people are watching you... step out of the dark... step into the light.

This country will not survive with the crony banks making marionettes of you.