Sunday, August 16, 2009

Governmental Collapse

"This is not an easy topic to deal with. The idea that violent, criminal, or marginal people may be the vanguard of the resistance to Islamization--it just doesn't sit well. Unless our discussion includes a deep-throated and serious disapproval, we risk being labeled 'criminals' as well as 'racists' and 'neo-Nazis.' ... We would like our political leaders to cease importing millions of Muslim immigrants. We would like them to show more spine in the face of Islamic intimidation. We would like our fellow voters to educate themselves so that they become aware of what's happening and elect a new batch of leaders who will take a stand on behalf of their own people. ... In the eight years since 9-11, there has been no sign that any of the major traditional players in the existing political order 'gets it.' George W. Bush fought 'terrorism', and he was the best we could hope for. Most European politicians--whether Left of 'Right' support Multiculturalism and are passive in the face of continued mass immigration. No one who wields power shows the slightest sign of dealing seriously with the coming social and financial catastrophe that the liberal welfare state has brought upon us. ... Under the traditional social contract, in return for maintaining a monopoly on violence, our civil authorities are obligated to protect us from lawlessness and criminal predation. But they have abdicated this duty, and thousands of ordinary citizens are victimized every day as a result. A paralysis brought on by the twin ideologies of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism has immobilized the muscular systems of the Western Democracies and blocked and response to existential threats, both internal and external. ... As working-class neighborhoods are overrun by 'culturally enriched' crime, as unemployment rises, as governmental fiscal folly erodes the value of what little money people earn, they have less and less to lose. If official paralysis continues, eventually some of them will abandon all those decades of self-restraint and take up violent resistance. At some point people will snap. ... We need to make sure that the Muslim world feels such an overwhelmingly decisive blow--including glassing and Windexing Mecca, Medina, Oom, etc., if necessary--so that they learn what a 'strong horse' really is and act accordingly. ... All of our societies have created fiscal and social Ponzi schemes which cannot last, which must eventually come crashing down around our ears. ... The collapse of the welfare state will be the absolute limiting factor for the liberal paradigm. ... We can't even talk frankly about these issues in any major public forum. ... There will be no way to prevent various forms of violencce and destruction--you can't cut off life support to millions of people without lethal consequences, and there is a distinct possibility of geronticide in our future, whether via Obama's health care plan or by some other means", Baron Bodissey (BB), 29 July 2009, link:

That we can't talk seriously about these things shows how childish the West is. Bush told us we needed Mexican immigrants to save Social Security. Is he crazy? Similarly, any European who thinks Moslems will pay old Christians "jiyza" as opposed to killing them is nuts. Europe's future does not look bright. See my 12 October 2008 post: California may be the first place to snap. California can't print its own money. Yet.


Anonymous said...

California should print up a bunch of "green shoots"!

Go ahead Arnold -- multiple currencies will work fine.

EU -- who knows?

Brad said...

Just found your site. Boy you are a wack-o. FEAR.... the muslims are coming... Ha!

By-By not worth reading deranged rantings


Independent Accountant said...

I appreciate your well-reasoned discourse.