Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael Savage, Barbarian

"Being a lifelong liberal, I'd never heard anybody like Savage in my life. ... But what shocked me the most was his saying that men have become 'feminized.' I'd never been so offended. ... Like any good feminist, ranting and raving about men were two of my favorite pastimes. Men frightened me. Testosterone fueled types like Michael Savage [MS] scared the bejeezus out of me. ... Now I see Savage as a seer warning us of the dangers we weer in for if men went the way of the dinosaur. I had thought taming men's animal nature was a win-win for everybody. Now I realize it was tampering with Mother Nature. ... Because while we've been engineering a kindler, gentler man, much of the wrold has been doing the opposite. Countries like Iran and North Korea have been building nuclear weapons and poisoning their young men with hatred of the US. They have been making their men stronger, meaner and better armed. Liberals: be honest with yourselves. In the end, if the worst case scenario happens (God forbid) and we are attacked, who will you run to? ... No; all of us, liberal and leftists, conservatives and feminists, we will go where we have always gone from the beginning of time; we will search desperately for the big, strong men to protect us, the ones who have always had the guts, the courage, and yes the cojones, to put their lives and limbs on the line", original italics, Robin of Berkeley, 22 July 2009, at:

"The political roots of the UK government's decision to bar talk show host [MS] have been revealed for the world to see, thanks to a freedom of information lawsuit in Britain that caused Home Office documents on the subject to be made public. We now know that political considerations--the need to placate Muslims, a powerful voting bloc--resulted in a search for someone to 'provide a balance of types of exclusion cases.' ... Certainly, if one is appeasing Muslim extremists, whose violent reaction was supposedly feared should Savage set foot in the UK, then a Jew makes the best fall guy, as everyone from Hitler to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem would agree. ... The US media has studiously ignored the story", original italics, Thomas Lifson, 25 July 2009 at:

"When I first heard that radio host [MS] had been banned from traveling to England along with an assortment of Moslem terrorists and other miscreants, my first thought was that the public relations arm of the politically corrent thought police had struck again. It only made sense. ... Yet the spineless Neville Chamberlain bureaucrats charged with this task--whose credo seems to be 'peace through capitulation'--would never want to be seen as singling out Moslems. So they traded a man's reputation for peace in our time. ... You may rest secure in the knowledge that you're not as controversial as Savage, but understand the implications of quota selection. Whether you're favoring a person or persecuting him, the standard is the same: you're selecting him not based on what he has done but what he is", Selwyn Duke 27 July 2009, link:

Quoted without comment.

The UK is gutless. As opposed to fighting its homegrown jihadis, it bans Savage. There may be a bright spot here. The UK's pub crowd may bring down its Labor government over this act of cowardice.

Duke says it all. I wonder if Sonia Sotomayor or POTUS Obama has anything to say about this. Or Henry Gates?


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Brits... monarchy, femmy men, fading empire, lots of immigrants,that whole stultifying class thing.

Michael Savage must look like a heathen to them. Too bad... some times the natives have a lot of wisdom to impart... even with their rough manner.

Independent Accountant said...

There are some Brits who might feel at home with Savage, the football "hooligans". These hooligans may be the salvation of Britain yet.