Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama, the Bully

"The Ivy League [IL] is not real life. College in general is not real life, and the [IL] is a more fantastic version of college. The amenities are better, the rules are flexible, and everyone, student and faculty alike, is well aware that the realities of life as most people know it are merely a peculiar footnote to the day-to-day of campus life. I do not speak out of turn when I say this. I know because I am in and of that world. ... When the [IL] Effect is going full tilt, our black compass gets confused; the realities we know to exist become other people's problems. ... All the lessons about dealing with police as a black person seem to have no place in the ivory tower. We can forget those lessons because, more than we're black in America, we're Ivy Leaguers. ... How dare you hassle me? I'm Skip Gates: Harvard professor! ... Skip Gates ... does not see those million men as kin and he doesn't, by and large, give a damn about those guys. He's merely annoyed that such an irritation as police misconduct found its way into his home. If he read about this story happening to a plumber in Roxbury, he'd shake his head in disapppointment and then go on with his life", A Phantom Negro (APN), 24 July 2009, link: http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2009/07/24/gates/print.html.

"Two stubborn individuals have done more than anyone else to slow the Obama political juggernaut over the last month--Frank Ricci and James Crowley. ... At Thursday's press conference, Barack Obama, in a textbook example of racial prejudice, essentially prejudged the Gates-Crowley confrontation based only on Gates' side of the story--plus the President's own abundant (but generally better-concealed) personal resentments about race. ... They are Northeasterners, civil servants, and union men. Indeed, their unions' strong opposition to the racial spoils system and to racial blackmail has been one of the keys to their fortitude", Steve Sailer, 26 July 2009, at: http://www.vdare.com/sailer/090726_fdny.htm.

"Thus the two most powerful black elected officials in the US, with no hard knowledge of what happened, came down on the side of a black professor, their buddy, against a white cop and his department, implying racial motivation in the arrest of Gates. ... The victim here is Sgt. Crowley, not professor Gates. ... But if Obama's racial reflexes served him badly Wednesday night, his political instincts served him well on Friday. For he must have sensed that this confrontation was shaping up as three powerful black men coming down hard on a white cop with a stellar record who had only done his conscientious duty. ... It was a goodly slice of humble pie the president ate, but it was a class act", Pat Buchanan (PB), 27 July 2009, link: http://www.vdare.com/buchanan/090727_crowley.htm.

Hey Eric Holder, why don't you worry about the tens of thousands in federal prisons over minor drug charges? You too, POTUS Obama. Does Skip Gates believe his experience is say that of a prisoner in Angola, Louisiana's maximum security prison? Even a white guy in Angola?

Gates set off the "H-Bomb", "I'm a Harvard professor" and Crowley didn't blink. No fair. How dare a sans culotte not do as he is told.

I agree with PB. Obama slipped on a banana peel here.


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Anonymous said...

Crowley lured Gates outside so he could "hear" (bust) him according to the police reports.

You can't arrest someone for yelling in his own house, so Crowley tricked Gates into going outside.

Even there, he could have just told everyone to go home, and walked away.

It may not have been a racist response by Crowley as much as a fascist response. Gates should feel happy he wasn't Tasered.

Anonymous said...

Governing is hard... I'm not sure he is capable.