Saturday, August 8, 2009


"Well ... let'as take a tally: Barack Obama looks down condescendingly on small town Americans (you know, the religious fanatics who grasp at guns and religion because they have so little else to believe in or rely upon), does not believe America is an exceptional country (he said so himself), while continually apologizing for our actions throughout history; he refused to wear a flag pin until politics intruded during the campaign; he makes fun of mentally handicapped people on Jay Leno (comparing his bowling skills to those in the Special Olympics); finds Republicans all but repugnant; disregards the feelings of our strongest ally, Great Britain; and calls on Israelis to be more self-reflective. ... Israel is one of the most self-reflective nations on earth ... condescendingly telling Israel to be more self-reflective reveals a profound lack of respect for our ally and knowledge about its people. For a self-styled student of history, this reveals a startling lack of knowledge as does his claim that there were not moves made towards a resolution between the Palestinians and the Isrealis over the past eight years--a claim brilliant and concisely eviscerated by Rick Richman. ... Marty Peretz, who defended Barack Obama during the campaign from criticism that he would likely sell-out Israel, has taken off his rose-colored glasses over the last few months and has come to believe he was snookered. ... 'He brought nothing back from Riyadh and Cairo, absolutely nothing except the conviction of the Arab leaders that they need do nothing but sit and wait until the president squeezes one concession after another out of Jerusalem. Oops, I apologize. Maybe I should still say Tel Aviv.' ... The Arab world is one where almost no self-reflection occurs. ... But for this world Obama mostly sings words of praise", Ed Lasky, 15 July 2009, link:

Where did Obama learn his Middle Eastern history? From John Esposito? One good thing which may come out of the Obama administration: an end to American Joos re-electing FDR 64 years after his death.

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Anonymous said...

Pres-O can't get traction anywhere...

Guess he'll focus on another stimulus package.