Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Texan on the "Economist"

Wayne Allensworth (WA) of Fort Worth, Texas, blasts the Economist over its recent Texas vs. California "Special Report" at Vdare, 7 August 2009. I can't add to WA's piece. Good show, WA, link: One choice quote, "Do they really think that the hordes of low-skilled Mexicans and Central Americans, already predisposed to support statism, are here to participate in boosting 'the knowledge economy?' Do they really think that, after an appropriate dose of 'education', these same folks and their children will, against all the available evidence, be programming super computers?" This concept is laughable. Writing you from Lake Wobegon, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon... between bailing out the big banks and auto companies, remaking health care and capping and trading who has time for issues related to immigrants and education?

The executive is barely holding on...