Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Do you fret about whether you're raising your child correctly? Not to worry. Even if you're deeply involved in your children's lives and happy with their social development, you have an eager partner in rearing your offspring: the Clark County School District. ... Instead, I was greeted by a full page of mind-numbing, politically correct mumbo-jumbo under the headline, 'The Challenge of Excellence--Be Positive!' ... Unfortunately, most of the 34 bullet points that follow have nothing to do with helping kids master their multiplication tables and learn how to spell. ... Those last two nuggets aren't character-development tools--they're political ideals. ... It's this kind of rubbish that makes parents, taxpayers and employers question whether school systems are focused on indoctrinating students instead of educating them. ... UNLV's Office of Diversity and Inclusion--headed by a radical education professor--actually lobbied the Legislature this year to greatly expand the time spent on a 'comprehensive multiculturalism curriculum' in all Nevada elementary schools. Thankfully, the legislation died", Glenn Cook (GC) at the Las Vegas Review Journal, 30 August 2009, link:

60 years of continuous educational establishment "flapdoodle", see my 1 September 2008 post:

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese, Indians and others pull far ahead of us in the race.

We spend on education but not much is achieved... but all this will get a harder look as the economy flatlines...

With easy money you could afford loads of stupidity and fluff... hard times means hard choices... buckle up.