Friday, October 9, 2009

Arson? Murder? By Whom?

"More than five years after his final act from the Texas death chamber gurney was a profanity-filled tirade, the murder case of executed inmate Cameron Todd Willingham refuses to die. ... An arson finding by investigators was key to his conviction in the circumstantial evidence case. ... The prosecutor in the case still believes Willingham is guilty but acknowledges it would have been hard to win a death sentence without the arson finding. ... In 2006, Scheck's group gave its review of the case to the state commission, which later hired Baltimore-based arson expert Craig Beyler. Byler concluded the arson finding was scientifically unsupported and investigators at the scene had 'poor understandings of fire science.' ... Douglas Fogg stands by his conclusions as the former assistant fire chief who helped investigate the deadly blaze. 'The bleeding hearts that are against the death penalty are trying to stir everything up again,' he told The Dallas Morning News last month. 'They finally got someone who would say what they wanted to hear'," Michael Graczyk at the Houston Chronicle, 27 September 2009, link:

Is that so Fogg? Or did you just say what the DA wanted to hear? Like most Texans, I like a good hanging as much as the next guy. That's a good hanging.

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Anonymous said...

This prosecutorial sloppiness or willful corruption at the bottom weakens the system... people lose faith and the net frays.