Monday, October 19, 2009

Is California Going to Pot?

"A majority of Californians in recent polls say the state should legalize marijuana. What pot proponents can't agree on is how soon voters will really be ready to approve legalization. ... While pot is already widely available under the state's medical-marijuana laws, and an April Field Poll found that 56% of Californians would support legalizing and taxing marijuana sales to help with the state's budget crisis, there is a significant anti-legalization lobby that is gearing up to fight any pot proposition. ... Law-enforcement groups who campaigned against [Proposition 5] are ready to battle any new marijuana initiative [John Lovell] said", Stu Woo at the WSJ, 3 October 2009, link:

To hell with the law enforcers. Legalizing pot might make them focus their attention on real crime, like murder, robbery, rape and such.


Anonymous said...

So I'm riding my bike through the 'hood and within 1 mile I see two cops ID two black men at separate times. These men were just walking along.

Another time around the same place I saw 4 cops bust another black man for drugs.

All these policemen looked a little too "unskilled" to do much other than harass black men for drug possession.

Of course the "law enforcers" will push back against legalizing pot... they need drugbusting or writing parking tickets to keep a significant part of their group busy.

Anonymous said...

How many ways are there to illicitly transfer wealth? I would think a skeptical CPA could answer that question ... perhaps a website: or

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

i have to give it to Gavin Newsom, San Francisco has been somewhat cleaned up.

SFPD is essentially ordered to ignore pot smoking on the street. Unless you are... smoking pot AND stabbing someone or smoking pot AND jerking off on the bus, no one cares, least of all SFPD.

The homeless situation has gotten better.

who cares? let them tax it, they already do.

Anonymous said...

I sure as hell hope so. The world will be a better place. If you don't know what I'm talking about, try it before mindlessly buying into the lies about marijuana. Or see the documentary, "The Union".