Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake Wobegon Does Toronto

"On Tuesday, when hundreds of thousands of Ontario students head back to school, a lot of attention will be focused on one particular school in Toronto's north end. In only has 85 students, but hopes are high for the Africentric Alternative School, which wll open its doors near Kelle Street and Sheppard Avenue West on Sept. 8 for the very first time. ... The Toronto District School Board voted narrowly to approve the controversial school in January 2008. It's an attempt by educators to combat the disproportionately high dropout rate among black students in the Toronto school system. ... Leah Newbold, the school's French, health and phys-ed teacher, is also excited about the new school. 'I know that the students in our communities are brilliant, and I want to be part of a school that's helping them to demonstrate that'," 4 September 2009, link:

"For the 21st straight September morn, the first day of school finds me in the halls of Crawford Adventist Academy. This year, the fourth and last of Jameses enters high school to start the beginning of the end of the cycle. ... Can a Toronto public school tasked to engage students through the use of an Africentric curriculum, focus and culture suceed in stemming outrageous dropout rates among black students? ... But despite the television cameras, African drums, speeches and other embellishments, the elementary students can't possibly grasp the importance of the enormous experiment they and their parents have embraced. ... Stripped of all the hand-wringing over the Africentric school, this core remains: Forty per cent of Toronto's black kids are dropping out of school. That alone is enough for a national inquiry, extensive parental reforms and intervention, and a host of initiatives. It is a crisis unfolding before our eyes as dropouts gun down each other on our streets. ... This group of students will graduate--empowered, confident, a class of world-beaters. Why? Because they will leave this school loving themselves, respecting their community, and utterly convinced they can take on the world on society's terms", my emphasis, Royson James at Parent Central, 15 September 2009, link:

Ocean Hill-Brownsville! Bring back Jim Crow. Resegregate our schools. Reverse Brown. Will al'Qaeda open a madrassah in Toronto? Good luck Newbold.

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Anonymous said...

The warm and fuzzy stuff is lovely but please teach them to read and write...

All children must learn to read and write regardless of the place and mix of the schools. All the rest is fluff.

Robyn said...

studies also show that females do better in all-girl schools and some males do better in all-boy schools.
which means what?
statistics can say anything they want, it does not necessarily mean its true.