Saturday, October 3, 2009

There's Always a Price

"Not long ago, a family driving across Kansas on well-traveled Interstate 70 would encounter nothing racier than a pecan log and little more hyped than the 'world's largest prarie dog.' Then porn came to the highway. ... Kansas attorney general Steve Six announced he wasn't going to fight for the law, as courts had already struck down similar statutes in Georgia, South Carolina and neighboring Muissouri. ... The law's backers complain that Six caved too easily and didn't enter evidence on pornography's 'secondary negative effects' on a community" lower property values, increased drug-trafficking and general blight.' ... 'Justice shouldn't have a price. What is the cost of one additional rape of a child, the cost of another young woman being a victim? Kansas families deserve an opporunity to drive freely down the highway without this kind of advertising,' [said state senator time Huelskamp]", Karen Ball at Time, 21 September 2009, link:,8816,1916567,00.html.

Under this "secondary negative effects" theory we can ban anything. This claim is nonsense. I agree with the federal judges dismissing these claims. Huelskamp, you and yours have the right to be offended. Live with it. You would be our American Taliban.


Anonymous said...

The way of the righteous might not be Route 70.

If it offends go another way.

American Taliban... oh sure... they exist and they are a righteous, scary lot.

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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

the additional rape of a child? That's silly. if anything, these guys are off of Route 70 blowing their wad into a tissue instead of hanging out in front of the elementary school looking for their next victim.

It amazes me what some of these folks tell themselves so they can sleep better at night or feel fulfilled or feel superior to the heretics... whatever the hell it is they are doing.

Then again, I live in San Francisco so obviously I am a heretic myself.

Robyn said...

they're worried about billboard advertising? they should be THRILLED that the billboards are being rented. more revenue, more taxes.