Monday, December 14, 2009

Israel, Iran, Russia and Obama

"Iran has blamed the [US] for Sunday's suicide bombing in Sistan-Balochistan province in which six Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commanders were killed, as well as 37 other people. In an indirect way, the charge is true. ... The most dramatic response to Washington's abdication of power may be Israel's. ... A complex negotiation involving Russia and Israel is underway. ... The question is: what does Russia want from Israel in return for refraining from arming Iran? ... For the first time since World War II, America's rule of the skies may be challenged by its failure to invest adequately in the next generation of American aircraft. Russia and India have already agreed on joint development of a fifth generation fighter based on existing Russian airframes. ... If Israel joined the consortorium, the product might challenge the F-35 in the world market for military aviation. ... Were Israel to strike Iran during the next few weeks, it might do so not as a proxy for the US, but as part of a broader agreement with Russia. America may have missed the point of Russian policy. The entire issue of sanctions on Iran may seem like diplomatic idiocy to the Russians; the question, in Moscow's judgment, may come down to a digital decision: either attack Iran, or don't. ... The [US] may cast away its technological edge in air power without a second thought, but Russia understands that superpower status today depends more on military technology than any other factor. ... If Israel were to set back Iran's nuclear weapons development, the position of the Tehran regime would deteriorate, particularly at the expense of Pakistan. ... The world's attention will shift from the shadow-play of interests between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, to the Pakistan-India theater. Pakistan is the natural center of militant Islam. ... What is most astonishing is that official Washington seems entrely oblivious to the crack-up of American influence occuring in front of its eyes. ... The reason for Obama's peculiar mode of governance, though, may have less to do with his apparent narcissim than with his objectives. It is a credible hypothesis that this president holds views that he cannot easily share, even with his own staff. ... There is some basis for the conjecture that his innermost sentiment is hard-core, left-wing Third World antipathy to the [US]", my emphasis, Spengler at Asia Times, 19 October 2009, link:

As ususal, I agree with Spengler. Obama is the first US president whose administration I've lived through who I suspect of treason. I can't believe double-Ivy League Obama is as ignorant as he appears. He is disarming the US and pushing Israel into Russia's lap. Brilliant.


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ilona@israel said...

is there any chance that Russia want Israel to develop weapons for them and aviation as they do for USA?

Independent Accountant said...


Unfortunately, yes.


ilona@israel said...

bad news. it can be very sad for Israel in the end.