Friday, December 11, 2009

School Shakedown

"Yet last week came a report from New York that makes DC look like MIT. Some 200 students, in their first math class at City University of New York, were tested on their basic math skills. Ninety percent could not do basic algebra. One-third could not convert a decimal into a fraction. ... Yet, the education racket has been shaking us down for four decades, and turning out graduates that know less and less. ... Just as there are many kids who do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in a high school band, or the verbal ability to recite poetry well or star in debate, not every kid has the academic ability to do high school work. ... This campaign to equalize test scores among unequal students is utopian and unattainable, and amounts to a scam by the education industry", my emphasis, Pat Buchanan, Vdare, 19 November 2009:

Yes PB. I've said this for about 40 years. I have seen college graduates who can't work with fractions.


Anonymous said...

We've become very lazy...

There's been so much material abundance why work hard?

Free us from the Educatomafia.

Robyn said...

how many of those grads unable to work fractions end up as teachers?
WAAYYYYY too many.
you might think they end up teaching the soft sciences, language arts or the lower grades. some of them do. that does not protect us from incompetency. when my daughter's 2nd grade teacher cannot differentiate between 'their, they're and there' correctly, it's a scary world. you don't want to know aboutthe new math that involves 'regrouping'

Independent Accountant said...

I am aware of the "new math". It's a joke.